Dog Grooming


Professional Dog Grooming In Charlotte, NC

When your dog looks their best, they feel their best! If your pet needs maintenance, a summer ‘do, or a full makeover, our skilled groomers will make sure your dog feels their best. Dogs need regular grooming just like us. Maybe your dog simply has a few matted spots on their fur or they went for a swim in the lake and need refreshment. We have experienced dog groomers on staff who are trained to handle a wide range of breeds. Bring your pup in for a shampoo and trim today!


Grooming Services


Rates vary based on size, coat length, and breed. Please call for more details.

Full Grooming

All rates are based on the weight of your dogs. Full Grooming includes bath, blowdry, brushing/trimming, ear cleaning & hair removal, sanitary trim, anal gland expression, and nail clipping.

Face, Feet, & Sanitary

Includes hair trimming around the face, cleaning feet, nail clipping, and bath.


Includes bath and brush.

Extra Services/Add-On Services

●       Nail Clipping

●       Teeth brushing

●       Nail Grind

●       Nail Grind with Full Groom

●       De-shedding treatment

●       Dematting (Brush out)

●       Upgraded Shampoo and Conditioner